I hate dogs

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For people who can't stand having to put up with everyone else's stupid annoying "precious" dogs. Licking their balls, licking their assholes, licking your fingers and your face, barking their heads off in the middle of the night for no reason. I HATE GODDAMNED DOGS!!

More to the point, dogs tend to be vicious, violent and monstrous animals not unlike the killer aliens from the Alien movies. There would be far less hatred of dogs if so many dogs weren't bred to kill. "But not all dogs are violent, vicious killers!" That may be true, but how is anybody going to know that unless they have the Betazoid powers that will allow them to tell from a distance if a dog is a killer?

This group DOES NOT advocate the deliberate killing or harming of dogs, especially since that's illegal. But even if it were legal, it would be too impractical. Most folks just want to live their lives, NOT go through the considerable trouble of harming dogs. Besides, if I had my way, I'd establish a new and true civilization on Mars where everybody speaks Esperanto and has 20 percent body fat and where NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED! RSS Feed what is XML?

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